Lancaster Photos

Bill Malpas was a founder and is a continuing stockholder in Zeta Communities, a venture-capital-backed start-up building zero-net energy modular houses. He and his son Dan set up the prototype Zeta factory in San Leandro and built the Zeta model unit on an urban infill lot they owned in Oakland: 

  • Two story – two modules below, two above
  • Zero lot line
  • Two bedroom, two bath,
  • 4.7 KW Photo-voltaic system
  • Heat pump water heater
  • Sophisticated HVAC controls
  • .08 ACH-50
  • Energy Recover Ventilator
  • Waste-water heat recovery
  • LEED platinum and then some

Check out the clip at:

Rail 1Orange Office 21st OfficeEast BedroomOblique RightPhotos by David Yama – copyright 2009